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poudre_tj_dccfundAt the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund we help fight canine and feline cancer.

We work directly with veterinarians to help needy families get treatment for their cats and dogs suffering from cancer.

We offer grants to help scientists conduct research into the next generation of life saving treatments.

We promote prevention by raising awareness, understanding the risk factors, and encouraging early testing for canine and feline cancer.

Please take a moment to Meet the Pets that we have helped. If you would like to help in this important cause, please consider making a donation.

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A Pet You Helped: Casey

casey_1Casey is a 6-year old Cocker Spaniel recently diagnosed with canine lymphoma. Casey is such a special dog that a veterinary assistant at Integrative Veterinary Oncology in Arizona was the the first to contact us about helping. Like many families these days, Casey’s family was having trouble keeping up with their financial obligations when Casey’s lymphoma was diagnosed.

Dear Chris,

We want to thank you for all you do for the DCC. If it wasn’t for people like you then when times get tough like they are now our animals would suffer. Casey is one of our children. We always make arrangements for him to when we go anywhere. We know that it is not his time to go see heaven yet. We pray for him all the time and with God’s help and grace we will make it past this journey.

Thanks again and God Bless You.


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